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→ With experience in running 11 successful cohorts, we have specialized in providing individual mentorship to each cohort member. → We ensure that you enjoy the whole experience and make friends along the way, in addition to LIVE learning.

Time for a story?

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How I explored Product Management back in the day!

I was doing Computer Science Engineering, and in the 3 years of the course, I realized that I was not too fond of coding. (IDK why!) So I started exploring options -

And I started up...

In the 3rd year of my college, I started up an agri-tech company called Happy Farmers. It was the most exciting time in my college, we used to build the website the night, and in the morning, I delivered groceries to our customers. I realized the power of tech and how I enjoyed every moment I spent building the website...... (STILL HAD NO CLUE WHAT PRODUCT MANAGEMENT WAS ALL ABOUT)

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Once the startup failed, a cold email changed my life

I read this post from Sandeep (CTO, RedCarpetUp), where he was hiring Product Management Interns. I emailed him saying I knew some Data Science but had no clue about the Product. But he asked me to join. And it was a journey. I was the first product hire and saw the product scale from 100k downloads to 1 million. And I loved the work and found what I loved doing.

After that, it was Builder time

I joined Builder.ai as a PM for Builder Cloud. Here, I was involved with a big tech team and multiple PMs. I realized that most PMs I knew had taken different routes to become a PM. It was challenging for everyone. This was the time for Unlearn Product.

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What is Unlearn Product trying to solve?

We are trying to make Product Management accessible to everyone. We want to make sure that every deserving person with the right skill can get a chance to become a Product Manager. We don't care if you are just out of your college or have 20 years of experience. You UNLEARN whatever your earlier notion of Product Management was, and for the next 10-weeks, you see yourself grow in life and career.

We provide you with hands-on experience of being a PM

→ Interact with different Product Leaders every week and ask your questions → Get personalized 1: 1 mentorship and mentors who will be part of your journey throughout. → Build your Product Portfolio with all the learnings during the 8 weeks and present it to the jury of different Startup Founders and PMs on DEMO DAY → Get your resume tailored, MOCK interviews and masterclass on cold emailing to crack your dream jobs

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Deadline for Cohort 12 ends soon!